Oxalor - A technology for a 100% natural treatment of household and assimilated waste

« A world without waste »

Introduction by Michel Mazon

Michel Mazon, Président d'OxalorSince 1997, the year in which the OXALOR® Group acquired its first patents for the innovative OXALOR® technology , continuous efforts in research and development have been made and further international patents have been obtained.

The OXALOR® engineering teams have been able to create and make reliable a new revolutionary, ecological and innovative technology for the treatment and valorization of raw household waste

Today, territorial waste treatment has become a key issue for people in charge of our communities.

Waste treatment is more than a challenge to the OXALOR® Group as we have repeatedly proven our dynamic approach and contribution to the waste treatment issue by developing installations at the forefront of modern technology.  The OXALOR® Group has gained international recognition through several awards granted by research organizations thus emphasizing our technical, economical and organizational excellence in terms of environmental waste management.

I am extremely grateful to all the people that work with me on a daily basis and contribute to this major environmental adventure and challenge as they are as important as the great inventors that our past century has known. 

Michel MAZON