Oxalor - A technology for a 100% natural treatment of household and assimilated waste

« A world without waste »

Our strengths

The OXALOR® process offers overall positive results in accordance with nature and sustainable development :

  • rapid treatment of the waste (less than 3 hours)Grace au procédé OXALOR®, devenez un « éco-acteur » majeur en luttant pour une « éco-logique » omniprésente !
  • stabilization and sanitization of the waste
  • maximum valorization opportunities
  • absence of nuisances
  • reduction of volumes destined to landfill or incinerate
  • limitation of surfaces to be constructed
  • reduced investment costs
  • small running cost
  • rapid implementation
  • modelling concept
Thanks to the OXALOR® process , become a real "eco-actor" in an "eco-logical"  environment.