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Agronomical valorization : OXYOM® et OXYOB®

La valorisation agronomique The agricultural benefits from the OXYOM® et OXYOB® amendments  are  major as they are safe, stabilized and sanitized fertilizing products.  They are easy to use and store and farmers using these products  confirm their positive impact.  

OXYOB® is a by-product issued through the OXALOR®  processs and obtained from sewage sludge mixed with a carrier agent, e.g. green waste. 

Commercialisation de l'OXYOB®OXYOM® is obtained from the organic residues from municipal household waste and  is an excellent organo-mineral soil amendment.

In France, the OXYOM® and OXYOB®  amendments benefit from an official "APV" (Provisional  Sales Autorization)  delivered by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Valorization through the recycling industry

This "valorization" covers recovery, re-use, regeneration, recycling and transformation of materials extracted from the waste treatment and end-of-life products (PED, ferrous, non-ferrous).


"Waste-to-energy" valorization : COX®Triangle du feu

The OXALOR® installations allow to produce an RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) of an exceptional quality which is currently being used by cement factories.  In the near future and thanks to its high calorific value, this RDF will be used for the production of thermal energy or electricity.