Oxalor - A technology for a 100% natural treatment of household and assimilated waste

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Our solutions

The physico-chemico-mechanical OXALOR® treatment (comprehensive solution)

The physico-chemico-mechanical OXALOR® treatment is a flexible, simple, compact and fast method.  One has to take into account approximately 2 1/2  hours to transform the waste into final stabilized products.

comprehensive waste treatment solution







The OXALOR® MBT mechanical-biological pre-treatment (complementary solution)

As a complementary solution to an existing installation for sorting-composting, the performances of the OXALOR® technology in terms of stabilization allow to optimize the recuperation of the organic matter and to valorize the refuse under very competitve terms.

Oxalor MBT waste treatment







OXALOR® treatment with incineration (complementary solution)

The OXALOR® treatment allows the elimination of pollutants creating dioxines thus limiting the risk of their emission during the incineration process.

Oxalor waste treatment and Incineration