Oxalor - A technology for a 100% natural treatment of household and assimilated waste

« A world without waste »

Our values

Une équipe d’experts à votre écoute dans toutes les phases de chaque projet.Sustainable development

A policy of sustainable development is at the center of the Oxalor® Group's  activities and takes into account 3 related and unseparable criteria : the economy, the society and the environment.

Our "best quality" philosophy

Highest quality standards allowing the construction of an environmentally friendly factory with a quality of life for the people involved and allowing full integration in the landscape as well as a progressive movement to face future challenges.

Expertise, guidance and assistance

A team of experts at your service in each stage of your project.

Maintain our R&D and innovation efforts

Whilst focussing on the competence of our team and partners, investment in R&D is at the center of the activities of the  Oxalor® Group in order to continuously increase technical performances and offer the best high-tech solutions for waste treatment and valorization.